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Tortoise Plush Dog Chew Toy

Tortoise Plush Dog Chew Toy

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Soft Plush Material: These chew and squeaky dog toys for small dogs and puppies are made of ultra-soft plush material with a cuddly natural cotton texture, making them safe and perfect for cuddling with your furry friend.

Funny Squeaky: Each toy has a built-in vocal bladder that emits sound when pets bite, making it a great toy for IQ and interactive training. You can not only strengthen the bond with your dog, but also have more fun together.

Daily Entertainment & Anxiety Relief: These toys provide daily entertainment for your pets and help alleviate feelings of depression, boredom, and anxiety when they are alone. They can also reduce the likelihood of your pet biting furniture or shoes, keeping your home clean and tidy.

Teeth Cleaning & Health: These dog chew toys are excellent for cleaning your dog's teeth. They stimulate the gums, reduce plaque and tartar, and improve dental health. Cleaning them is a breeze – simply wash them with water and use a washing machine after playing.

Designed for Small Dogs and Puppies: These pretty, colorful, and attractive puppy toys are perfectly sized for your furry friend. 

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