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Snail Bubble Automatic Watering Dispenser

Snail Bubble Automatic Watering Dispenser

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Gravity Waterer: Automatically replenishes water, without electricity, 2.8L large capacity, worry-free going out, perfect for pet parents with busy lifestyles.

Khmer fiber filter cotton: Dual filter system, high density, high water permeability, filter impurities between fibers, safe to use. Water bottles are made of transparent PET, which allows for checking water levels at a glance.

Easy to Clean: The ball and chassis can be split, and you can rinse directly with water. The removable parts and wide-mouth design allow for easy access to effectively clean all the different components, inside and out. Recommend washing once a week.

Dimensions: Measures 11.8" x 9" (LxH), weighs 1.5 pounds. Small pet dispenser uses gravity to ensure a consistent supply of fresh drinking water. Ideal for cats or dogs in single- or multiple-pet homes.

Non-Skid Feet: Non-skid feet prevent the feeder or waterer from sliding or scooching across the floor, which can be annoying to pets and a tripping hazard to humans. Instead, the feeder and waterer both remain perfectly in place, functioning as a reliable, stable feeding and watering station for pet.

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