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Pet Recovery Cone Collar

Pet Recovery Cone Collar

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1. Made of high-quality lightweight plastic, provide harmless, non-toxic,  sturdy, and non-deform performance.
2.  Will prevent dog-licking wounds and rehabilitation faster. 
3. Extra soft fabric curve provides your dog or kitten additional comfort and protection. And it's easy to clean!
4. Closure designed for convenience to adjust and wear. 
5. The soft cone does not interfere with your pet's peripheral vision or their ability to eat, drink, sleep and play.

Material: Plastic

Size: Neck Circumference Length
7: 15-18cm 8cm
6: 18-22cm 11cm
5: 23-27cm 12.5cm
4: 26-33cm 12.5cm
3: 33-36cm 13cm
2: 38-43cm 20cm
1: 42-46cm 22cm
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