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Reusable Pet Hair Remover

Reusable Pet Hair Remover

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Reusable Pet Hair Remover

All pet parents love to snuggle their fur babies; this means that they also need a reliable lint roller to remove all those pesky hairs and fibers.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable: Modern design allows for a newer easy self-cleaning feature. No more adding waste to our landfills that is hard to biodegrade. Easy hair and lint removal process = easy clean-up. Our reusable lint roller saves you time and money from having to constantly repurchase standard lint rollers.

Safe For All Surfaces: This product does not snag or catch on clothing, furniture, and other materials. The design gives you peace of mind from ruining your favorite clothing pieces.

Multiple Colors and Styles: We offer multiple colors and styles to match every individual personality. 

 Product Warning
1. Product will be slightly hard to pull from the case while still new.
2. Do not use directly on pet
3. Product is not waterproof. Use a built-in self-cleaning feature.
4. Make sure to use the lint roller in the correct direction.
5. For maximum use, clean the lint roller by sliding it in and out of the cover.
6. Remove lint from the lint trap before or after each use.

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