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Louis Pawtton Leash and Collar Set

Louis Pawtton Leash and Collar Set

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The Louis Pawtton Collar & Leash Set is a hand-made dog collar designed with resistant material which makes it perfect for an everyday use. The classic pattern displayed all over the cream background makes this pet collar a very unique add-on for any hype puppy’s collection! The matching leash is also included.

The Louis Pawtton Collar & Leash Set will offer you the most hype look, become a Hypebeast!

Good for any breed or even other small animals, with a variety of sizes available.

The Hype Doggy products are made with the best quality materials, so you can always shop with confidence.

How to choose your size:

Please measure your pet and choose the right size according to our size chart. Leave at least 1 cm round for comfort. If your pet size is between two sizes, please choose a larger size.

Our sizing charts are pretty much accurate, the item descriptions provide all our size measurements.

A small discrepancy between 1-2 cm can be found in for some items.

This is because some of our products are handmade, also depends on the material used, which sometimes is stretchable.

However as the variation is only 1-2 cm there should not be any impact for your pet.

S 19 -24 130
M 24 – 34 130
L 30 – 44 130
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