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Cactus Scratching Post

Cactus Scratching Post

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Different from the traditional cat scratch post, we have given more elements to provide more possibilities for your kitten to play. This cat scratchboard is made of high-quality materials, durable and comfortable, and the natural rope is completely harmless to the cat


  • Cactus shape adds fun to any family and is more fashionable than most cat toys on the market.
  • Your cat can stretch, stretch, grasp and climb, and enjoy its own time when you are not accompanied.
  • The bottom of the grab post is made of carb certified thick plate, which provides a reliable and stable structure for your cat to stretch, claw, claw and climb confidently under full support. The base is covered with carpet-like material, which is comfortable and soft enough when your cat lies down or rolls on it.
  • Scratching is a cat's instinct, so this cat scratchboard is a must for your kitten to be alone without damaging your furniture. It can help kittens maintain healthy scratching habits, meet their daily scratching needs, and keep your sofa and tiles free of scratche

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